The Hepworth Prize for Sculpture


Brand Identity






December 2018


Exhibition photography by Helena Dolby

This project was undertaken as part of former design studio, Passport.

The Hepworth Gallery's hugely successful biennial award returned for its second instalment in 2018. The Prize For Sculpture recognises a British artist who has made a significant contribution to the development of contemporary sculpture. A judging panel of influential figures in the art world selected the winner in November 2018, but visitors were also encouraged to experience, debate and judge the Prize for themselves with a "People's Choice Award".

Taking influence from the angles in the gallery's architecture, we played on the concept of the 2D vs the 3D. By utilising the idea of folds and unconventional formats, the sculptural subject matter is communicated in its most basic form without the need for imagery. We combined this with a diverse and unexpected colour palette featuring bold colour pairings that create a signature graphic for the Prize with a celebratory tone of voice. Elements of this graphic are then isolated and expanded upon over an extensive list of deliverables.